Rock Star Librarian’s Top 13 Not to Miss Burn Events!

Rock Star Librarian’s Top 13 Not to Miss Burn Events!

By on Aug 17, 2012 in Burning Man | 5 comments

To commemorate my 13th Burn, here’s my Top 13 not to miss events for this year!

13. Savor your greeter’s hug Home. Hold the embrace a little longer this year.

12. Center your spirit at Nectar Village, Sacred Spaces and Fractal Nation.

11. Delight in a 3am grilled cheese & hot cup of joe @ the Dusty Diner out in deep playa

10. Find Tuna Camp. Enjoy the unfolding journey even when you don’t.

9. Ride & dance on an art car! Ask graciously to board and understand when they can’t stop or take on more people.

8. White Procession, Thursday sunrise, Esplanade to the Temple. Your heart will thank you.

7. TEDx Black Rock City, Thursday, 2p-6:30p @ Playaskool 9:45 & Esplanade

6. Fort Knox Five curated beats and booty shakin’ all afternoon @ Funky Town Friday.

5. Drop by the Librarian Cocktail Party because smart is the ultimate sexy!
Thursday, 5-730p, Pink Lightning, 7:15 & C

4. Share in pancakes served hot off the Man’s embers Sunday sunrise.

3. Sway in to the Playa Jazz Cafe one morning at 4am, just off of center camp. You’ll thank me later.

2. When you come down with a bad case of options paralysis, ask yourself, “Can I do this in the default world?” If you answer, “No,” then do it, whatever it is. Jump on board and participate!

1. Enter BRC with child-like wonder, awe and curiosity! Those who ask “What does this do?” “What if I push this?” “I wonder what this does?” will be delightfully rewarded. Burning Man is like Christmas eve for adults, full of magic, excitement and anticipation, but for one whole week.

I can’t wait to play in our life-sized sand box with all of you beautiful people. See you in the dust!


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    October 2, 2015

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