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I’ve blogged about the technical birth of electronic music before, which included primary resources like hours of podcast interviews, with My Inner Music Geek and with The MOOG & the Birth of Electronic Music 2011 blog posts.

But here’s a new interactive map and timeline that’s recently popped up on social media that illustrates the movement and birth of western dance music. And almost as fabulous are all the comments either loving or criticizing the map.

Click image to open interactive version (via Thomson Holidays).

I can tell you, first-hand, and as a real-life librarian who gets intellectually turned on by indexing and organizing information and who tries my damnedest with the guide, no two people on this planet agree on the order of electronic dance music genres and sub-genres. But, hey, I give mad props to anyone out there who tries their hand at it!

Like this guy: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. It may not be up to date now, and many may argue his music genealogy, but I do like that you can click on a music style and instantly hear a sample of that genre.

And this Bassnectar interview where he, admittedly using absolutisms, explains the history of electronic music.

I also recall an interactive art piece exhibited I believe in Amsterdam which also interactively illustrated a wall-sized musical map of electronic music while playing each genre selected as well. I can’t seem to find this art piece now, so if it rings a bell, please let me know who the artists are!

If you have a resource, online of in analog format, that you believe does a better job at explaining the evolution of dance music, please share it in the comments!

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This year, I had the lovely opportunity to sit down for an interview with Liz Margerum, videographer for the Reno Gazette Journal, to talk about music and the playa. And so did several other perhaps familiar to you faces and camps that work hard to bring you dust beats to make you shake it. Thank you, Liz, for capturing the beauty of the music and the people behind.

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Phew! And so the music continues to pourrrrrr in. I keep adding, so don’t forget to check back here regularly. PLUS, now you can watch this short video documentary on the music of Burning Man.

2013 Burning Man Sets!

Below is an ongoing list of live recorded playa sets from this year to keep your booty shaking as you finish up wiping the sparkles and dust from your belongings. And yes, I will be adding sets *not* on SoundCloud, too, as they come out!

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The most important thing is to know your rights in interactions with LEO, know the right questions to ask to give you back control, while being polite, and lessen their intimidation on you and/or your party.

ACLU of Nevada is camped at F and 5:20, with office hours from 2-6pm daily during the event.

This is so important to public awareness and knowledge, that this year I included this ACLU Know Your Rights Burning Man flier in the RSL Music Guide. PLEASE share this post with campmates, friends and others in your community so they can be best prepared to be calm and informed of their rights should LEO stop and question them.

This is not legal advice. This is information discussing the general state of the law. We urge you to consult a lawyer for legal advice about a particular legal question or issue you may have.
If you believe you are coerced into giving consent for a search, or that you are searched without probable cause, you may wish to contact the ACLU of Nevada at

The Print Version
Download in one of two print formats.

2013 RSL Music Guide (20 page 8.5×11 booklet format)

2013 RSL Music Guide (40 page 8.5×11 consecutive format)
[YES, it may look weird on your MAC, like it did on mine, but it printed correctly! Print a page to see!]

Printing Configurations
Depending on your printer, these may print in various ways and on various sides of the paper. There are too many options for me to list here, but if you have helpful instructions on how to duplex print for your home inkjet and/or laser printer, please post instructions in the comments to help your fellow Burners.

The Guide on the Playa
Pick up a printed guide on playa at BMIR radio, 5:45 & Esplanade, while supplies last. Thank you, Paul Sardoch, graphic designer extraordinaire, designing the 2013 guide!

The Mobile App Version

Time to Burn in the Apple store

Time to Burn in the Android Marketplace

I’ve collaborated with fellow Burner and iOS app developer, Terry Grossman & Android app developer, Christopher Cilley (WOOT! Drink!) to combine my music guide information with all of the playa events to create an epic Burner tool for YOU! Use it like a travel guide, to plan adventures and build antici…pation.

The app allows you to browse, sort and search in a variety of ways, even without a network or Internet connection! Favorite events, make not-to-miss lists and send those lists to friends!

Enjoy all those dust beats and I’ll see you back Home!

The RSL Music Guide posts HERE on 8/20. But TODAY visit my blog & donate so hard copies come to the playa! Donations $10+ receive a thank you gift!

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t2b2013 Time To Burn app

The app includes the contents of the ePlaya Events calendar (more comprehensive than the Who,What,When,Where), Rockstar Librarian’s Music Guide, The Survival Guide, The BRC city map, information on camps, and art installations.

The app in the Apple store

The app in Google Play

RSL Music Guide
The RSL Music Guide deadline is August 15th for the print guide. And of course you will be able to download it here the Tuesday before gate opens.

Once again, we return to the first come, first served ticket purchase process of years past. And with it comes the potentially long wait in the ticket queue. Here’s some great tunes to shake it to while you virtually wait with your fellow Burners.

I couldn’t post everyone’s great tunes so please, post more sets in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

Simon Shackleton (aka Elite Force) Live @ Nutz, Burning Man 2012
Simon’s Burning Man sunrise sets have become an institution. Here’s last year’s set that’s over four hours long (Can I get a “Hellz Yeahz?!”) And mad props to Simon, whose stayed a true burner at heart as he makes good and makes it big in the default world. PS. This set is dedicated to my honey.

DJ Dan VS Brett Rubin tag team set @ Osiris Pyramid Burning man 2012
Live 5pm set recorded August 29 2012 in the Osiris Pyramid.

Robot Heart: Mike Khoury – Friday Night with Lee Burridge and Friends
Live set recorded Friday night on Robot Heart.

Decadent Oasis: DnB tagteam at Burning Man 2012
Three hour tag team set of Drum and Bass

Danceronauts 2012 Decompression set
They might’ve taken a year off the playa, but their beats continued.

DJ EveryDayof Philadelphia Experiment guests for Space Cowboy’s RIPEcast

DJ Kramer’s Burning Man 2012

ElCaPiTaN of Black Rock Boutique
ElCaPiTaN brings you a sweet hour long Breakbeat set.

And if you STILL haven’t gotten enough shake your bootie beats, check out these sets provided by our other Burn families.

Distrikt Podcasts Many downloadable Distrikt in-house and playa special guest mixes.

Space Cowboys 2013 sets from their Breakfast of Champions New Years Day celebration along with other downloadable podcasts.

Opulent Temple podcasts including Syd Gris’ Wednesday White Party set from this year’s burn.

Robot Heart Burning Man 2012 and other now infamous podcasts.

Philadelphia Experiment sets to feed your soul.

Disorient podcasts from GlamTech to Pornjstar.

Pink Mammoth podcasts to shake it to.

CampCharlie podcasts to rock your uni-world!

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Here we are. Yule. Winter Solstice. And a few other labels this year which have apocalyptically plastered across the media. But really for me the season is about childlike bliss.

Here, on day 86 of a three month Sole Pole solo expedition, a starving Aleksander Gamme, who lost 55 lbs on his journey, finds bliss hidden and buried in the last cache he stashed for himself, the first cache he left months earlier. His discovery elicits pure bliss.

As human beings, we are a diverse group of people. We come in many sizes, colors and shapes. We come from different cultures, speak different languages (even if it is all in English!) and practice different religions and spiritual beliefs. And we each have created our own learned stories, some joyful and some painful, around these past or present beliefs and practices. Even the food we like to eat and CAN eat varies.

Yet, no matter who we are or where we live, one thing remains constant: I, like many, look forward to celebrating winter holidays. By some, they’re called Christmas or Hanukkah. By others, Las Posadas, Ta Chiu or Soyaluna. Still others call them Winter Solstice, Yule and lots of other names most of us can’t pronounce. Each celebration is a little different, but the main ideas are the same. These holidays provide us with a time for reflection, resolution, and renewal.

It’s a time for giving gratitude, good will and believing in bliss – for letting go of this or that tethered emotion or experience so that we may inhabit the emptiness with complete surrender and make space for a miraculous something to emerge in its place.

Most important these festivities provide me with rituals to celebrate the balance of light and dark – opportunity to welcome the healing power of warmth back into my world – and that gives me common ground with others.

So, I enter Yule with my heart fully open, ready to challenge and let go of my own learned stories and instead, replace them with beautiful new ones created from the surrounding love of chosen family. I come with wide eyes in childlike wonder and awe and wholeheartedly embrace the power of believing – and I anxiously await like an unsleeping child on Christmas morning the opportunity to embrace the intentionally chosen diverse beliefs and said symbols of those beliefs that each person embraces as part of the fabric of who they are – whether it’s a Yule log, a Christmas tree or menorah – whether I believe in it or not – and join together with you in a future full of mutual bliss.

With respect, love and light,


And in honor of pure Bliss, I bring you Radiolab’s Bliss

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Photo by Hillary Shepard

Every drive Home throws unexpected monkey wrenches into the best laid plans. Last year, my 12 hour trip took 24 when both the back, left wheel and its complete axle flew off the back of our trailer at 1am, eliciting fiery sparks to rival the best of 4th of July fireworks against the black of night, all along a treacherousness, winding stretch of Hwy 26, heading over Mt. Hood.

As you might imagine, I had time to reflect on what that moment’s theme music should be, both to keep our spirits up and give us thumping resilience to do what needed to get done to continue our trek Home. Somehow, full 80s hair band metal the likes of Bon Jovi, seemed appropriate to get us through the moment. What’s your “Oh, Shit!” Emergency mix?

So, here’s just a sampling of fabulous beats of various genres to get your booty shakin’ on the plane, train, car, diesel truck, RV, and/or mutant vehicle drive Home! Download what you like and shake, shake it!

And please comment to share with me your selected road trip mixes, for both to and from Home! All genres welcome!

Fort Knox Five
“Live on 4 Decks at the Belly Up Aspen”
*Of particular note: 37 min in, one of my fave all-time remixes and reminiscent of Root Society 2008!*
And funk it up with several other FK5 mixes here.

Shroud Calling
A Tribute to The Beastie Boys May 13, 2012
No road trip for me is ever complete without a round of License to Ill and Paul’s Boutique. We miss you, MCA. Thank you for your magical beats!

The Scumfrog
Driving To Burning Man 2012 (Sunset Session)

Desyn Masiello
Faciendo Resident – live mix @ Sunglass Sundays, Washington DC (Robot Heart)

Mr Jennings
Intergalactic Speakeasy
(Happening again this year. Here’s the FB invite.)

J Kanizzle
Baltimore is Burning

JD Mack
Live at Atomic Lollipop 2012

DJ Wolfie
Steampunk Saloon Live Set 2012

80s Big Hair Bands
Autograph – Turn Up the Radio
Cue sometimes you need to to seriously rock the tough moments.

Yacht Rock Vol 1
Because silly is the ultimate sexy.

And Downloads from our Burn Family


Pink Mammoth

Space Cowboys

Opulent Temple

Philadelphia Experiment

Robot Heart

Bootie MashUp

Destination Burning Man Compilation of various road trip home mixes.

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