What is the Rock Star Librarian Music Guide for Burning Man?

Since 2005, I’ve curated the most comprehensive and collaborative music guide for Burning Man at Black Rock City.

This year, if you truly wish to thank me for giving this gift, I’ll be asking you to help me make the world a better place with your donations toward a cause near to my heart. I’ll be sharing the specifics shortly, but until then… feel free to continue to donate to my GoFundMe to build clean water wells in Ghana.

This isn’t your typical guide. Burning Man’s theme camps are fairly decentralized, planned from within each camp, sharing at times essential services, but there is no overall music coordinator for the temporary city. Each camp creates their own musical line ups. There was no way to know what kind of music or who was playing where until I began curating the guide in 2005.

And I’ve been doing it ever since. There’s an app now, Time to Burn, and every year, the Tuesday before the event begins, I make that year’s music guide available for download for free. Hard copies are made available in limited quantities at BMIR Information Radio, near Center Camp.