Rock Star for a Day @ Burning Man

Rock Star for a Day @ Burning Man

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Nomination Deadline Extended to June 15th!

This year BRC Animal Control and I have teamed up as Rock Star Enterprises in search of the playa  “Rock Star for a Day.” We are excited to launch our very own playa-fueled Rock Star Tour for one very special Burner nominated by her/his friends or fans.

Who do you know who is the ultimate rock star of their own life and in their greater community? Someone who goes above and beyond, who sacrifices their time, energy, funds, and love for the sake of the greater cause and expects nothing in return. Someone who deserves the ultimate thank you. This year, the opportunity to lavish this person while at BRC has arrived.

The Rock Star Tour will include:

  • a full afternoon and evening filled with Black Rock City’s finest experiences, camps, art cars and more – it is Burning Man, after all!
  • all of the most unique, dusty experiences that the playa has to offer.

Help us celebrate the Rock Star in all of us as we knight one special person as BRC Rock Star for a Day, occurring Thursday, September 3rd!

Nominate your Rock Star!

This is our special call out for nominations on who the Rock Star should be. Who deserves a day of plush pampering for all the hard work they’ve contributed to our community?

Submit your nomination by June 15th!!

Offer your Rock Star service or experience!

Are you a camp or Burner who would like to give their special gifts of thanks to the chosen Rock Star in this whirlwind tour-de-la-playa. What can you offer the Rock Star and his/her entourage?

  • Can you offer a insider look or themed visit with your special posse?
  • An extraordinary meal at the table in your Kingdom, fanned by BRC groupies?
  • A Rock Star massage or special healing treatment?
  • A Rock Star wardrobe for all the parties and events they attend that day?
  • A Rock Star art car to transport our Rock Star and his/her posse?

Let us know what you would like to offer, big, small, funny or meaningful. We want you to be part of our Rock Star experience and will feature you in our Rock Star activity agenda.

Submit your Rock Star gift or service by June 15th!

We will send out an update when we have selected this year’s Rock Star and experiences for the Tour.

Because life on playa is too short to not rock it,

Rock Star Enterprises



  1. I Nominate Jungle Jim Gibson, Owner and Manager of the Morris Hotel in Reno

    simon of the playa

    May 13, 2015

  2. I second the nomination on Jungle Jim!!!


    May 14, 2015

  3. I am submitting Stone Larkin, designer and engineer of the Duck, Tiki Island, the One Eyed Monster and all around guru at Chop
    Shop camp. That’s countless Burner Bikes and art cars repaired…and a thankless job when it comes to proper and much deserved credit for his astounding creations, whom everyone else affiliated (including the owners and financiers) do not address.


    June 3, 2015

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