Musical Rites of Passage!

Musical Rites of Passage!

By on Jul 18, 2011 in Burning Man, Music, Rock Star Librarian, Serendipity | 5 comments

Burning Man’s Rites of Passage theme this year got me pondering in a lyrical, booty beat sense. Late last night, when I couldn’t sleep due to a certain accelerating compression, I got up and nostalgically flipped through the various Rockstar Librarian Burning Man Music Guides of years past. The epic musical playa moments showered over me. First, I thumbed through the 2008 guide, and the page naturally folded open. “Root Society: Thursday, Fort Knox Five, Bassnectar.” My memory’s bass boom hit me, and I was back atop the metal spire, devouring the playa eye candy below. Then, I heard the familiar bass chord before I recognized the song. Upon recognition, I belted out one of my deepest belly laughs to date; tears of delight rolled down my cheeks. Here, among hot, furry bunny booties and chiseled, tribal gods, the dome filled with┬áDolly!

Yes, it was an epic, silly playa moment that wouldn’t have flown anywhere else. Then, Bassnectar killed the decks for the next two hours. I was in dancing bliss. A big, jaw-hurting perma-grin, caused only by natural high, filled my face. Nothing could bring me down, not even my need to defend my small but earned dance space in the air against grumpy newcomers who griped and barked at me to get down. All I could do was dance harder and laugh out my verbal rejection against such bitter angst. “Why are you so mad? Don’t you know where we are? We’re at Burning Man. Burn-ing Maaaaan.”

Tell me! Were you there, too? Or should I immediately call and schedule an emergency appointment with my therapist?

(UPDATE: Thanks, Backwerds, for hooking me up with Fort Knox Five’s ‘Live on 4 decks at the Belly Up Aspen’ DJ set with said Dolly song @ 37 minutes in! Phew! Therapy delayed a bit longer.)

And then *FLASH* I was back, in my dimly lit bedroom, guide in hand. I set it on my bedside and cozied up for what turned into the happiest, dream-like sleep. Though I didn’t remember the details this morning, I’m certain I visioned booty shaking and bass beats. And now I can’t help but reminisce back on the music. So, join me throughout August as I share my completely subjective opinions (and I hope yours, too) coupled with intriguing musical facts, interviews, songs and sets to either take you back or catch you up on the musical rites of passage of electronica.



    • OMG! I sooooo love you. No, really… Must put this on my playa driving playlist *right now*!!! <3 <3 <3 I seriously LOVE FK5!

      Rockstar Librarian

      July 23, 2011

  1. They are one of my favorites as well. I noticed you reached out to them and got a conformation on attendance. Awesome!!! Here is a newer / shorter one to whet your whistle for how they may sound this year…..

    And of course…thanks.


    July 28, 2011

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