Know Your Rights! Law Enforcement & BRC

Know Your Rights! Law Enforcement & BRC

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The most important thing is to know your rights in interactions with LEO, know the right questions to ask to give you back control, while being polite, and lessen their intimidation on you and/or your party.

This is so important that I include the ACLU Know Your Rights information in the RSL Music Guide. And read this year’s Jackrabbit Speaks Law Enforcement issue. PLEASE share this card with campmates, friends and others in your community so they can be best prepared to be calm and informed of their rights should LEO stop and question them.

This is not legal advice. This is information discussing the general state of the law. We urge you to consult a lawyer for legal advice about a particular legal question or issue you may have.
If you believe you are coerced into giving consent for a search, or that you are searched without probable cause, you may wish to contact the ACLU of Nevada at

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