Kickstarter: half way to go!


  1. Dear RSL, I much appreciate your gift to the playa every year. I know many thousands of people do.

    But can I ask why $5,500 is needed to produce a digital guide to music on the playa? If you just want to print a bunch of copies this year and give them away, why not solicit various printers to do this for free? I know at least a couple in Portland OR that would print a few hundred of these at no cost.

    And I know a graphic designer, many actually, that would be happy to help design this at no cost. Why $2,000 for graphic design? When did Burning Man become about money? Then 1/3 of your donations go towards rewards. This makes no sense. Why even raise money if its just to turn around and give 30% of that back to the people donating.

    Just seems like an unecessary and extravagant expense. If you’re tired of doing providing this service for no money, I’m sure its a lot of work, then don’t do it. Or recruit volunteers.

    Amazing how mercantilism just manages to sneak in every nook and cranny. I remember when BM was not about money. But I guess those days are long gone. I just did not expect you to be part of it.


    July 30, 2015

    • Thanks for your opinion. Over the last several years I have had pro bono design work. In fact I’ve worked with three different designers, who after the guide was complete, told me the workload was much more extensive and complicated than they had anticipated. Plus, I also believe in supporting artists, including graphic artists, who are burners. And the design work now is key to minimize paper for all burners who print it out at home. As for printing, I have never found a business willing to print the guide for free. The guide was close to 20 double sided pages last year. Feel free to email me any specific contacts you have. Also, only $500 goes toward rewards, not 1/3 to donations. Truth is the guide has never been completely free to produce. There have always been printing costs involved, even back when it was a 2 sided spreadsheet. But overall, I hear you. You make sense to me because maybe you had me and the guide placed in a different “burner” category in your mind for all this time and now it’s changed. And perhaps you feel disappointed. And if you happen to be in Portland and know me, I’d have been happy to have this conversation in person, as a way of building connection, even if it isn’t through warm and fuzzy feelings. Honest feelings are always best. So, thanks for taking the time to write.

      Rock Star Librarian

      July 30, 2015

  2. RSL – This resource you have provided us for all these years is amazing, and I’ve always looked forward to seeing it. Your work is so appreciate. Thank you for this gift, and Thanks for being such a rock star.

    Also, your reply to Handro above is very, very awesome.


    August 2, 2015

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