Join Rock Star for a Day Playa Event!

Join Rock Star for a Day Playa Event!

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Rock Star /ra:k sta:r/ noun : A celebrity within a particular sphere. Thus, you are the rock star of your own life.

First, WOW! Our team was floored, inspired and touched during our follow-up conversations with each of the nominators who spoke with us about his/her special nominee for Rock Star for a Day. Just listening to your stories, pride, heart and soul, and love for your nominee, we feel we have already won Burning Man!

Thank you to all who nominated an incredible someone for consideration. You all made the decision so tough! After much deliberating and toiling over our fantastic set of nominees, we made our selection.

The 2015 Rock Star for a Day is Dani “Rat Lady” Moore

Dani Moore has been the ring leader and endless spokesperson for Mobility Camp. Following her inheritance of the camp from a past Burner, Dani has helped spread word and expand knowledge about Mobility Camp’s goals and mission to build awareness and improved alternative abled access at Burning Man.

Dani is an incredible, living example of Burning Man’s radical inclusion principle. She is an inspiration and crates a lasting impact on our culture, maternally calling for inclusive accessibility and consciousness by us all.


Thursday, Sept 1, 12pm – 4pm

The Rock Star for a Day Event

If you’d like to participate and thank Dani for her contributions, join us and the wonderful Charlie the Unicorn crew for the Rock Star for a Day event on playa or donate an item from Dani’s Wish List for her camp! It’s easy to check your local Craigslist for crutches, knee scooters and wheelchairs. Bring a pair along to donate anytime!


What is Mobility Camp?

  • Radical inclusion!
  • Promotes accessibility awareness to theme camps, artists and art cars.
  • Gift medical equipment to Burners who are are alternatively abled. Whether a person has sprained her ankle at Burn, in need of temporary crutches, or has permanent disabilities and needs information to properly prepare his wheelchair for the playa, Dani “Rat Lady” Moore and the team she leads are there to help.
  • Creates an additional Survival Guide to assist alter-abled attendees prepare for the unique yet common issues traversing throughout Black Rock City.

Our team is impressed with Dani’s caring nature while she educates about accessibility at Burning Man. Dani offers workshops on playa to help camps and art car teams learn about the myriad of ways they might inexpensively alter their projects to allow for better accessibility for all attendees.We are incredibly touched by how kind Dani is as she informs. No one is shamed for not knowing or thinking about accessibility issues. Dani knows everyone’s intention is earnest. She just asks Burners to keep accessibility in mind as they create our city’s experiences, art and interactions.

Here’s the original post calling for nominations.


  1. This woman is WORTHY!

    Katy Tahja

    August 4, 2015

  2. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor, Dani! I cannot wait to celebrate you on playa!

    Cat Cabalo

    August 5, 2015

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