My Kickstarter: Support the 2015 RSL Music Guide!

My Kickstarter: Support the 2015 RSL Music Guide!

By on Jul 7, 2015 in Burning Man, Music, Rock Star Librarian Music Guide | 0 comments



Why a Kickstarter now?

Simply growing pains! The music guide started as a two-sided spreadsheet shared among friends and has now grown to a booklet of over 32 pages and growing! I’ve been lucky to have pro bono design work up to this point, but that just isn’t sustainable. Plus, it’s a short turn around time from submission deadline to driving the final product out to the playa for you to pick up at BMIR near Center Camp.

Please donate to my Kickstarter this year to help bring the the 2015 music guide to Black Rock City and share this with your friends and campmates! See you out on the playa!


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