2018 RSL Music Guide *Video* Update!

2018 RSL Music Guide *Video* Update!

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Burn for Water Update: We Have a Way to Go! 

Thank you for all who have donated! You ROCK!

If you haven’t donated yet, NOW is your chance to make a tax deductible donation! It’s Win-Win!

Friday I got to video chat with 11 year old Josie, of Josie’s Well. She’s my inspiration for raising $11k for a water well in Ghana.

Watch below how she was inspired to start Josie’s Well at age 9 because of a lemonade stand and $30.

Josie has a Challenge for us all: Can we reach $7000 in donations by THIS Monday eve?

That’s only 20 people donating $100! And if 60 people donated $100, or if only 120 people donated $50, we will hit our entire goal!

Let’s do this! 

Please forward this TODAY to your Burner tribe so we reach Monday’s goal that gets us closer to our BIG goal of $11000 by August 15th

Big Dusty Love,

Kate Houston, the Rock Star Librarian

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