2018 RSL Music Guide: Must Read, New Info!

2018 RSL Music Guide: Must Read, New Info!

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As you know this year is an important year, and that’s why I’m emailing you today. Check out what’s going on below!

Larry would be proud that I have decided to use the RSL Music Guide as a catalyst for us all to leave a lasting legacy.

Here’s Our Chance to Leave a Legacy

In order for an angel investor to fund the 2018 RSL Music Guide, we need to raise $11,000 for Josie’s Well/Water Access Now, a nonprofit to build a water well for safe water in Ghana.

We have until August 15th to raise the funds and still get the Music Guide produced and to the playa. 

So let’s work together to create the music guide, create lasting change in Ghana, and leave a lasting legacy.

The Why: The Story

I didn’t realize how powerful leaving a legacy was until I attended AfrikaBurn in 2017.

It was in the wee hours of the morning, sitting under the DMV’s red beduin tent while sipping South African boxes wine at sunrise, that I engaged in philosophical conversations with AfrikaBurn founders Paul Fletcher, Paul Jorgensen, and Robert Weinek.

In those wee hours we discussed, “What comes next, from Leave No Trace?”

These beautiful, gritty influencers had an intention: Leave a Legacy.

For AfrikaBurn it looked like this: save plywood from dismantled camps and build outbuildings for a local school; collect leftover non-perishable food and stock an orphanage’s pantry. “We have so much,” they all agreed.

Then earlier this summer I met an eleven year old girl named Josie, from Seattle Washington area, who at age nine, raised $10,000 to build her first well in Ghana. 

She created her own non-profit, Josie’s Well, in partnership with the local non-profit Water Access Now, and now at age eleven, Josie have realized her vision threefold.

I recently shared both stories with a Burner friend of mine and Music Guide supporter. And on the spot he proposed a challenge: 

If I rally the Burner community to raise $11,000 to build a well in Ghana, he’d fund the entire 2018 RSL Music Guide. 

Watch this video of me explaining how this all came to be.

If eleven year old Josie can do it, WE can do this!

The How:

Your simple way of participating is key to making this happen.  

Let’s leave a legacy together!

Big Dusty Hugs,

Kate Houston,
the Rock Star Librarian

PS. I have answers to your questions. So ask them!

  • Josie’s Well and Water Access Now are volunteer run and committed to transparency, passing donations directly onto building wells in Ghana.

  • Water Access Now has a sustainability plan in place so that wells don’t just get built and left in nonfunctional disrepair, and it includes community & civic investment & involvement.

  • Your tax deductible donation goes directly to the charity.

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