2018 is the Year of Love! Will You Join Me?

2018 is the Year of Love! Will You Join Me?

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First, I want to thank you. 
For loving the Rock Star Librarian Music Guide and supporting it. For those of you who donated to my Kickstarters and fundraisers before that and who have made insane amounts of copies of the guide for your camp or repurposed it into a new format you then gifted out.

But now I’ll share something a bit more personal. It doesn’t involve money; it just requires a few moments of your time and a willingness to share an opportunity with anyone for whom you feel it may benefit.

I dubbed 2018 the Year of Love! 

I had a fairly public playa wedding in 2013. I thought I had found my fantastic partner in crime and someone who would embrace all of me and help me raise my two boys. But that was not to be the case. At the beginning of 2016 that relationship ended. My second marriage.

Heartbroken, I took up daily yoga and hoped to tame my monkey mind and restless spirit. I delved deeply into my own personal growth work. I had never shied away from shadow work, but this time it was different. I tapped into the science and psychology of love, worked to heal my inner child wounds through yoga, body movement and breathe work. I reconnected my soul’s essence to a greater self-love. I made commitments to myself and kept them, realizing if I couldn’t be consistent and committed to me, why would someone else?

After two years of learning and growing, I just knew that I couldn’t be the only woman who struggled with their relationship with love. And I am a real librarian after all, so I did the only thing I knew to do: gather the information and resources in one place and share it!

I created and am host of a free video series online during the month of February where I interview over 25 internationally renowned love and relationship experts, bestselling authors, and doctors including Gay Hendricks, Arielle Ford and Alison Armstrong to share their wisdom and knowledge about love and connection. Every one of them offers viewers a free gift, from eBooks to meditation downloads. That’s free expert resources to help women shift back into love alignment and create a successful love path in their lives. Be a part of this exciting event: Fabulous and Fearless over Forty! 

I want to help midlife women, just like me, break free from old patterns and reignite their own lives with fulfillment and passion so they may find lasting love within and also in partnership to expand love like an ever-growing ripple in the water.

What am I asking you to do? If you are a woman in midlife who has struggled in love and relationship and want to once and for all heal your inner child, tap into your goddess power and rock love, join me and my love experts for Fabulous and Fearless over Forty during the month of February.

Maybe you have a sister, aunt or best gal friend who you think this free online series might be just right for. Please take a moment and forward this email to them and invite them to join me!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

To 2018 being the Year of Love for all of us!
 ~ Kate

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