Download the 2015 RSL Music Guide Now!

Download the 2015 RSL Music Guide Now!

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Download in one of five formats.

Printing Configurations
There are entirely too many printing instruction variations out there for me to attempt to list. If you have helpful instructions on how to print for your home inkjet and/or laser printer, please post instructions with your printer model info in the comments to help your fellow Burners.

The Guide on the Playa
Pick up a printed guide on playa at BMIR radio, 5:45 & Esplanade, while supplies last.

And get the Time to Burn app for iOS and Android that makes searchable all of the 2015 playa events and includes the RSL Music Guide.


Photo credit: Geoffrey Squier Silver


  1. Thank you for all your work in putting this together!
    / \ervine

    Way Nervine

    August 25, 2015

  2. Thanks. I didn’t understand the file names so I downloaded all five:

    Booklet_Color is in a format to be folded into a booklet (in color, obviously)

    Booklet_GS is the same thing, but in black & white

    InvPages_Color is just the first page to the last page, in that order, in color

    Spread_Color is is two pages of guide per single page of PDF, in order from first to last, color

    Spread_GS is two pages of guide per single page of PDF, in order from first to last, black & white


    August 25, 2015

  3. You are so rad. I’ve been using your guides for YEARS and SO APPRECIATE the work you put into it all. See you out there!

    Andy Monkey Boi

    August 25, 2015

  4. Thank you Rock Star Librarian! Your work is greatly appreciated by me and many people in my camp.

    The first time I printed the booklet (using the Chrome print dialog), the backside of the pages came out upside-down.

    So I reprinted using the “System Print Dialog” and these options to get it right:
    * Two-sided: Short Edge (Flip) <— I think this is what fixed my problem
    * Pages per side: 1 <— It's slightly counter-intuitive, but the PDF already has the booklet format built-in, so you only want "1 page per side" in your printer settings
    * Orientation: Landscape


    August 25, 2015

  5. You are a Hero — for giving us a Present as we traipse and interconnect, and a Heritage, as we remember and delve into what has been created so far. Your efforts define Goodness (and your gift is also Witness). This lil bug from 3&E (Houphoria) has on-playa smiles for you, and shared love from our camp!

    Son Of Red

    August 25, 2015

  6. to make a book, download the booklet, open the file in Adobe PDF, select properties in the print window and select TABLET. This will keep the pages from flipping. (this is if you have a printer that prints both sides simultaneously, like my work printer, tee hee)


    August 26, 2015

  7. To print a booklet with two sided printing:

    Choose either:
    Booklet_Color is in a format to be folded into a booklet (in color)
    Booklet_GS same as above, but in grey scale

    Print settings
    Two-sided: Short Edge (Flip) <if this option is not available, download your preferred file listed above, open in Acrobat reader and go to Print Sizing & Handling, choose: Print on both sides of paper, and choose: Flip on short edge


    August 26, 2015

  8. Thank you so much! Everyone who downloads this should thank you for your trouble! So much work and time would go into it and i just want you to know that my crew and I greatly appreciate this 🙂

    Andy Benke

    August 26, 2015

  9. The designer totally messed up the individual pages – they are not any kind of normal page size. They are just the booklet pages cut into single sheets so when you print them out they don’t actually fit to a normal page size. Either a huge mistake or lazy effort, and a total waste to print. People should just print the booklet options so there isn’t wasted empty space on the paper.


    August 27, 2015

    • Hey Monica,

      I appreciate your feedback. That said, if you would like to print the individual pages to fit on 8.5×11 pages, Adobe Acrobat will give you the option to make the pages fit to the print size. That is the great part of designing in 100% vector graphics, Adobe Acrobat can scale them as needed without quality loss.

      In regards to your other comments, as the person who designed this, it would taken several extra hours to recreate each of these pages in an 8.5×11 format when Adobe Acrobat will automatically do it for you. This normally wouldn’t be an issue to do with a standard timeline for a project, however, for this project I was given less than 72 hours to complete this from start to finish. Needless to say, I was already working 12+ hours each day to make this guide possible for you to enjoy.

      Next time, I would suggest looking at the document size before printing. This would save you the trouble of wasted paper before the problem arose.

      Matt M

      August 27, 2015

  10. To people looking to print the booklet:

    This is what I use on my at-home-printer to make a booklet like this print.
    1) Open the document in Adobe Acrobat.
    2) Go to file print, and under the pages to print option, click the more options drop down.
    3) Select odd pages from the drop down.Once the odd pages are printed, put the pages back in your printer face down (this direction may change depending on your printer tray set-up) and print the even pages.

    This will give you a complete double sided booklet.

    Matt M

    August 27, 2015


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