2024 Submission Deadline: August 8th

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The 2024 RSL Music Guide Database is open for submissions!
Submission Deadline is THURSDAY, August 8th, 9pm Pacific

* If you have NEVER submitted to the music guide before:

You need to send me an email at therockstarlibrarian at gmail dot com with your name, email, and camp name asap in order to be given credential registration access. DO NOT wait til the last minute to request registration.

* If your camp/MV has submitted in the past but YOU are new to the submission process:

You need to send me an email at therockstarlibrarian at gmail dot com with your name, email, and camp name asap.

* If you you are a camp / MV music lead who’ve submitted in 2022 or before & you haven’t received an email from me with your submission invite… email me! I have a new email list and send registration emails to those new leads. 

THIS list is the new way I will be corresponding about all thing Music Guide now and moving forward, so once I add you to the list, Go Find the confirmation email from kate at rockstarlibrarian dot come and click the button, “Confirm My Subscription.”


1. Search your inbox for an email from Kate at Rockstarlibrarian dot com directing you to confirm your subscription to my new email list for music leads, as this is the list I’m sending all things music guide moving forward.2. Create a filter for my gmail email below and Kate at Rockstarlibrarian dot com so that my future emails always land in your primary inbox!

3. New / new this year to the guide or new music lead for your camp? Email me at THErockstarlibrarian at gmail dot com to get the optin email to my email list!

Does my camp music offering meet the criteria to be in the RSL Music Guide?

Is your camp’s primary focus and gift to BRC music?

Would you call yourself a sound camp? Or a music camp?

Example: Rootpile – a bluegrass music camp where the stage and music is the focus and gift to the city. YES! RSL Guide!

Example: My camp is hosting a Grateful Dead Party on Thursday and we will be playing the Sept 21st, 1972 live concert taped recording at The Spectrum, in Philadelphia as part of our party. No RSL Guide.


My camp is a karaoke camp and we want people to come to sing daily. No RSL Guide. (though I love me some karaoke!)

If you are a camp that simply has themed events each day accompanied by (even DJed) music, your event is best promoted through the Who What Where When.

If you are unsure, email me and ask me!

YOU get to enter your lineups, edit them, and update them up until the HARD cut-off deadline of THURSDAY August 8th 9pm pacific.

And since it’s been a minute since we thought about any of this…

Please please please:

Do not wait until the last minute to contact me to get access to the database or to submit your lineup to the guide.

DO NOT send me PDFs, your digital promotional flier or in-email text lineups, or a link to your spreadsheet, thinking that is all I need to include your camp lineups in the guide.

The guide takes a village to create! So reach out early and let’s do this! WOOHOO!

xo, Kate


PS: If you wish to be immediately notified when the Guide is available for download, mark yourself as Attending on my Facebook Event page HERE!

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  1. Hello

    I have sent email to above, but not getting any response. Can someone please advise when i should hear back?

    Lora Kato

    July 22, 2024

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