First Week with Trainer DJ!

First Week with Trainer DJ!

By on Oct 13, 2017 in 90 day endurance challenge, Rock Star Librarian | 0 comments

Week 1: Assessment and Kick Starting Me into Gear!

After our “assessment” workout, the second training went much smoother and faster. Week 1 of my 90 Day Challenge! My trainer, DJ’s great and is keeping me accountable to me and pushing me past my comfort zone.

As for the embarrassing secret I reveal in the video, I know I’m not the only one who’s felt embarrassed and uncertain what to do. So, I’ll dig deeper to discover solutions and share them with you. Knowledge is power! (I am a librarian, after all.)

A great way to start: The Myrtl Routine.

This is a great warm up series to get all your muscles primed for the high intensity workout to follow!

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