The Print Version
Download in one of two print formats.

2013 RSL Music Guide (20 page 8.5×11 booklet format)

2013 RSL Music Guide (40 page 8.5×11 consecutive format)
[YES, it may look weird on your MAC, like it did on mine, but it printed correctly! Print a page to see!]

Printing Configurations
Depending on your printer, these may print in various ways and on various sides of the paper. There are too many options for me to list here, but if you have helpful instructions on how to duplex print for your home inkjet and/or laser printer, please post instructions in the comments to help your fellow Burners.

The Guide on the Playa
Pick up a printed guide on playa at BMIR radio, 5:45 & Esplanade, while supplies last. Thank you, Paul Sardoch, graphic designer extraordinaire, designing the 2013 guide!

The Mobile App Version

Time to Burn in the Apple store

Time to Burn in the Android Marketplace

I’ve collaborated with fellow Burner and iOS app developer, Terry Grossman & Android app developer, Christopher Cilley (WOOT! Drink!) to combine my music guide information with all of the playa events to create an epic Burner tool for YOU! Use it like a travel guide, to plan adventures and build antici…pation.

The app allows you to browse, sort and search in a variety of ways, even without a network or Internet connection! Favorite events, make not-to-miss lists and send those lists to friends!

Enjoy all those dust beats and I’ll see you back Home!